Richmond Dales ASC Off The Blocks  (Richmond Dales)

Date Held 3/7/2020
Pool Length 25
Designated Meet? Yes
Designation Type License level 3

Results in gray are times which have been achieved in heats. Times and positions in finals are shown in black. Where there is no position shown, the result shows the best time achieved in the gala - this could be either in heats or the final.

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Swimmer Name Stroke Distance Time Pos.
Hinde, Charlotte Backstroke 50m 43.76 X
Breaststroke 100m 1:57.67 X
Freestyle 200m 2:48.75 X
Margerson, Alexander Breaststroke 100m 2:15.90 X
Butterfly 50m 56.86 X
Freestyle 200m 3:38.76 X
Schofield, Emily Backstroke 50m 40.49 X
Butterfly 50m 37.44 X
Freestyle 200m 2:46.22 X
Wharton, Evie Backstroke 50m 46.82 X
Breaststroke 100m 1:54.10 X
Butterfly 50m 44.14 X
Wharton, Jacob Breaststroke 100m 1:46.54 X
Butterfly 50m 40.77 X
Freestyle 200m 2:49.52 X
Wilkin, Abigail Backstroke 50m 47.52 X
Butterfly 50m 47.13 X
Wilkin, James Breaststroke 100m 1:38.38 X
Freestyle 200m 2:32.29 X
Wilkin, Rebecca Freestyle 200m 2:39.98 X

Times in red indicate the time achieved was a Personal Best.

Times in blue indicate that this is the first record for the stroke/distance for this swimmer.

Times in orange indicate that the result is a split time. Due to their inaccuracy, split times do not count towards either Personal Best times or any records.